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3901 Davis Blvd., two blocks east of Airport Road


3901 Davis Blvd., east of Airport Road

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Family Ties

A Facebook-like feature for our church family

How is it like Facebook? It's a social medium.

How is it not like Facebook? As a Christian community, we strive to love one another and to share the goodness of God's creation. Political and controversial posts tend to polarize; totally opposite of why this feature is on our website. Please respect this sentiment.

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Thomas Connolly ::

A photo from the 50th anniversary gala, held at Trinity by the Cove.
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Thomas Connolly ::

Hello everybody! Let's keep in touch! Here are some things you can do to greet, welcome and connect with your fellow parishioners:

1.  Fill out your profile. (click Update profile under your name, in blue box above)
2.  Add your photo, then come back here and...
3.  Say what's on your mind, particularly about our church family and your own family.
4.  Stay tuned and encourage one another to meet and greet here!
Stay safe, my friends.
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About Family Ties

Our unity as family begins with our baptism and is strengthened at the Lord's table, where we partake of the body and blood of Jesus. It continues in our homes and the marketplace as we commune with one another. Family ties are strengthened every time we interact with each other.

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Don't let your fellow parishioners learn at your funeral that they had something in common with you!

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Adriana Staco, May 21
Wayne Dick, May 25
Donald Anderson, May 25
Roxane Cunningham, May 27


Fred & Carole Rakoncay, May 22
Joseph & Marilyn Schrowang, May 30
Robert & Mary Duthaler, June 3

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