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3901 Davis Blvd., east of Airport Road

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What the children are learning

Year: A,   Grade: Primary,    Quarter: I


Noah, Covenant/ Ark Gen 9:13
Abraham and Sarah Gen 13:8 (Sarah old)
Isaac and Rebekah's Twins, Esau and Jacob Gen 25:27 see Homily Bk pg 31
Jacob/ named Israel, 12 Tribes, Rachel Gen 35:10
Joseph and His Coat, Young and Old Gen 37:28 see Homily bk pg 43
Joseph & Pharoah Gen 39-41 Ps 105;16-22 see Homily Bk pg 45
Moses and Miriam, Child and Adult
Moses and the Parting of the Red Sea see shields of Apostles
All Saints, People of God Ephes 1: 15-17

Year: A,   Grade: Primary,    Quarter: II

Jesus: Healer

Elizabeth Zechariah Luke 1:5-25, 57-80
John the Baptist is Born Luke 2:1-20
Mary and Joseph
Shepherds Glorify God Luke 2:1-20 - Feasts of Life
Epiphany - Feasts of Life
Jesus Changes Water to Wine - Cana John 2:1-11
Jesus Heals Blind Man - Bartimeus Mark 8:25
Jesus Heals Peter's Mother in Law, Prayers for the Sick
Jesus Raises Jairus' Daughter Luke 8:54, Mark 5:21-23

Year: A,   Grade: Primary,    Quarter: III

Baptism: People in Covenant

Jesus was Baptized Matt.3:11
Apostles Baptized People
Church's People are Baptized
Baptized People Make Promises
Church is a Family of Faith Chronicles 6:41
Jesus Washed His Friends' Feet
Christ Has Died John 19:40, Romans 6:4, Col 2:12
Jesus is Alive Alleluiah
Baptized People are Forgiven Luke 11:2-4

Year: A,   Grade: Primary,    Quarter: IV

Church in the New Testament

Luke Wrote a Story Act 1:1
Peter Preached Good News, Peter and the Angel Acts 12:5 see Homily Bk pg 29, Cook poster
Stephen, Faithful Servant Act 6:5 see Cook poster
Paul was Changed by God Act 9:1-22 see Cook poster
Barnabas, Early Christian Leader Acts 11:26 Antioch see Cook poster
Dorcas was a Good Neighbor Acts 9:36
John Mark - Young Christian Acts 12:12 see Homily Bk pg 29
Lydia Welcomed Others Lydia learns Paul & Silas jailed Acts 16:15 see Cook poster
Pentecost - Festival (followed by Trinity Sunday)

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