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3901 Davis Blvd., two blocks east of Airport Road


3901 Davis Blvd., east of Airport Road

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What the children are learning

Year: A,   Grade: Preschool,    Quarter: I

The Creation Story

God Made Light and Darkness
God Made Water and Sky
God Made Land and Plants
God Made the Sun, Moon and Stars
God Made Fish and Birds and Sea Life
God Creates Other Animals
God Creates Humans
God Creates a Day of Rest
All Saints Day

Year: A,   Grade: Preschool,    Quarter: II

Jesus, Son of God

Jesus Had a Family
Mary Is Visited by Angel Gabriel
Joseph Visited by Angel
Jesus is Born in a Stable
Wisemen Feast of Epiphany
Jesus Stays at the Temple
Jesus Chooses 12 Disciples
Jesus Calms the Storm
Jesus Feeds 500

Year: A,   Grade: Preschool,    Quarter: III

New Life

Jesus Is Baptized
Baptism the Sacrament
Jesus' Love, Friend to Children
The Gift of Water
Sealed by the Holy Spirit
Hosanna - Palm Sunday
Jesus Offered Bread and Wine
Easter! Jesus Is Alive
Jesus Ascends to Heaven

Year: A,   Grade: Preschool,    Quarter: IV

We Worship

Worship in Church, House of the Lord Ps 122:1, see Homily bk pg 81
We Pray, We Say the Lord's Prayer Col.4:2-4 see Homily Bk pg 57
We Read the Bible 11 Tim 3:15
Abraham & Moses 10 Commandments, Bible Tells us What God has done Ps 78:40
People Thanked God/ Gospel Stories
We Pray Silently to God/ Eucharist, Thanks 1 Thess 5:16
Psalms Came From David/Sing Psalms and Hymns see Homily Bk Psalms
Jesus Said Love One Another/Neighbors 1 John 4, see Homily Bk pg 93
Celebrate Pentecost/ Holy Spirit Fish in the sand

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